Our Final Term Together

Final project of my final year at UAL Camberwell. This project was made in response to the turbulent and confusing times of the COVID-19 and the lockdown: for us third year students at the time, it impacted our final year as we couldn't access our the facilities we'd paid for at university, and had only a two week extension to our original deadline.

Featuring the voiceover of myself and 9 of my peers whose lives I adapted into this fictional world, this film reflects upon our design practices before the lockdown, records the emotions and experiences we felt during lockdown and looks towards a future where we might reunite once again.

Voice over by:

  • Samah Asif

  • Nick Johnson

  • Camille Prezeau

  • Ioana Barbulescu

  • Harun Naeb

  • Emma Lewandowicz

  • Kat Rajapakeerathan

  • Henna Shah

  • Lukasz Wiktorowicz

Video specs:

  • Programs used: Clip studio Paint, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Audacity

  • Run time: 11:27

  • Animated at 12FPS