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What is graphic design to me?

Hello there! If you've stumbled across my portfolio site, then welcome!

My name is Christopher, a graphic design (who at this time, is currently studying graphic design at UAL). I say Graphic Design, but that term is so very broad, and the idea of graphic design varies from person to person. So allow me to define what my work in graphic design currently encompasses.

For the past year, I've primarily been working with book design and animations with graphical elements. Just by the sound of that, it doesn't sound like graphic design, right? I've always found storytelling through book layouts and moving image fascinating. It's amazing how expressive one can convey a tone or narrative through movement, framing and storyboarding. Or through type size, colours, placement of imagery: how all these elements combined together can suggest a change in narrative, or tone I guess. As such, I'm rather fond of using Adobe InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects. I've still got a lot more to learn with the latter two, but I'd argue I'm decently competent to use it to achieve some of the outcomes I've produced in my portfolio.

Whilst animation and editorial/book design are my current specialities, I'm familiar with what could be described as "traditional" graphic design; such as print-making (screen-print, risography, letterpress), type design and poster design. Funny how I found my way to graphic design through posters, but have long since moved on from thinking that was all that graphic design has to offer.

I don't have any particular time frame or schedule for blog posting. Maybe with the conclusion of newer projects, I might post some of the "work-in-progress" designs or the process of making it. Or vice versa with older projects: I might share some initial designs or unfinished versions of my work for people to see how I arrived with the outcome.

Hopefully, this is the start of a great portfolio, and I'm optimistic that it only goes up from here.

- Christopher Nguyen, 13/08/19

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